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What can I do now to prepare for a successful and fulfilling retirement?

A successful retirement plan considers both the financial and personal aspects of your life!

A successful retirement plan is not purely focused on your financial life. The non-financial aspects of retirement are equally as important and should not be neglected when planning for your retirement.

The following are links to Money Guy Show resources that can be very helpful in setting yourself up for a successful retirement.

  • Financial Order of Operations - These nine tried-and-true steps make sure you have the basics covered. Know exactly how to prioritize your financial goals and maximize your next dollar as you move toward financial independence.
  • 30-Minute(ish) Financial Plan - This guide shows you how to approach and organize your money in a way that can set you up for long-term financial independence. It also includes a simple net worth statement so you can track the growth of your assets over time.
  • Money Guy "Guide to Retirement" - With this simple one-page guide, you will have a clear view of the most important considerations in your journey to retirement. 

Below are links to some Money Guy Show videos in which Brian and Bo discuss planning for a successful and fulfilling retirement in more detail.

9 Secrets to a Successful Retirement (Full Episode - 44:14)


How to Stress Test Your Retirement Plan (Before It Is Too Late!) (Highlight - 14:13)


How to Make Sure You Will Be Ready for Retirement (Highlight - 3:14)